Learning When to Classify for Early Text Classification

Published in Argentine Congress of Computer Science, 2017

Recommended citation: Loyola, J. M., Errecalde, M. L., Escalante, H. J., & y Gomez, M. M. (2017, October). Learning When to Classify for Early Text Classification. In Argentine Congress of Computer Science (pp. 24-34). Springer, Cham. http://hdl.handle.net/10915/63498

The problem of classification in supervised learning is a widely studied one. Nonetheless, there are scenarios that received little attention despite its applicability. One of such scenarios is early text classification, where one needs to know the category of a document as soon as possible. The importance of this variant of the classification problem is evident in tasks like sexual predator detection, where one wants to identify an offender as early as possible. This paper presents a framework for early text classification which highlights the two main pieces involved in this problem: classification with partial information and deciding the moment of classification. In this context, a novel approach that learns the second component (when classify) and an adaptation of a temporal measurement for multi-class problems are introduced. Results with a classical text classification corpus in comparison against a model that reads the entire documents confirm the feasibility of our approach.